Clay Pot Ideas – Cute Things To Make Out Of Clay Pots (Pictures of Painted Clay Pots too!)

Clay Pots Decorations Ideas – Small clay pot craft ideas for decorating clay flower pots for gifts and handmade decorations –

Since I have ALL these old flower pots laying around, I decided to find some cute (and EASY) DIY ideas for clay pots so I can decorate them and turn them into pretty garden decorations, DIY Christmas decorations and simple handmade gifts. I found some unique and fairly easy small and big flower pot decoration ideas you can do with clay pots and terra cotta pots for your garden or backyard. Let’s take a look!Decorative terra cotta pots - how to decorate clay pots for flowers and more craft ideas for clay pots for your yard, patio or home

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Below are some REALLY cute crafts with clay flower pots that I just LOVE. If you’re looking for things to do with flower pots and how to decorate clay pots at home (for flowers OR for decorations), take a look at all the ideas I’ve collected below.

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I really LOVE taking clay pots and decorating them for Christmas.

Like these cute ideas here:

DIY Christmas decor and craft project ideas - clay pots decorated for Christmas

But I have to admit, this is my FAVORITE ideas for making Christmas decorations out of clay pots (and they make great handmade gifts, too!)

Christmas decorating on a budget - easy DIY Christmas decorations for decorating your house or for handmade gifts for neighbors, friends, coworkers, teachers etc

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Ideas for clay pots - cute things to make out of clay flower pots
Ideas for clay pots - DIY clay pot crafts and decorating ideas

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